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DMC World Dj Championship Final 2006/ Чемпионат мира по ди-джеингу 2006

Год выпуска: 2006
Страна: UK
Продолжительность: 01:15:26.292 (135653 frames)

Описание: 12 World DJs take on each other with no defending Champion, each using two Technics 1210 Turntables and a Mixer of their choice, to create this year’s magical competition. Live at the Hammersmith Palais, London 11th september 2006

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World DJ Champions:
1985 Roger Johnson (UK)
1986 DJ Cheese (USA)
1987 Chad Jackson (UK)
1988 Cash Money (USA)
1989 Cutmaster Swift (UK)
1990/1991 DJ David (Germany)
1992 Rocksteady DJs (USA)
1993/1994 Dreamteam (USA)
1995 Roc Raida (USA)
1996 DJ Noize (Denmark)
1997 A-Trak (Canada)
1998/1999/2000 Craze (USA)
2001 Plus One (UK)
2002 Kentaro (Japan)
2003 Dopey (Canada)
2004/2005 ie.MERG (USA)
2006 Netik (France)

World Team Champions
1999 Scratch Perverts (USA)
2000 Allies (USA/Canada)
2001 Perverted Allies (USA/UK)
2002 Birdy Nam Nam (France)
2003/2004/2005/2006 C2C (France)

Battle For World Supremacy Champions
2000 DJ Kohd (France)
2001/2002 Netik (France)
2003 Tigerstyle (UK)
2004 Akakaba (Japan)
2005 Pro Zeiko (Germany)
2006 Coma (Japan)

World Final 2006 Running Order
The DJs appeared in the following order for the Eliminations:
1. Loomy – Spain
2. Kico – USA 2005
3. DJ Gem – Ireland
4. Final – Norway
5. The Boy – Greece
6. DJ Cussion – Switzerland
7. DJ Wordy – China
8. DJ Noodles – Taiwan
9. Rachi – Holland
10. Mikey – Hong Kong
11. DJ Inquisitive – Singapore
12. DJ Direct – Denmark
13. Wundrkut – Canada
14. Rafik – Germany
15. Netik – France
16. DJ Yasa – Japan
17. DJ Perplex – Australia
18. Kid Sid – Sweden
19. Fred Funk – USA
20. Asian Hawk - UK

The DJs appeared in this order in the evening:
1. Rachi – Holland
2. Perplex – Australia
3. Dj Inquisitive – Singapore
4. Asian Hawk – UK
5. Dj Noodles – Taiwan
6. Kid Sid – Sweden
7. Kico – USA
8. Wundrkut – Canada
9. Fred Funk – USA
10. Rafik – Germany
11. Yasa – Japan
12. Netik - France

The History Of the DMC DJ Championships
DMC’s World DJ Championships, sponsored internationally by Technics and Ortofon, has grown through the years and the formats of the competitions have developed along with the demands. Originally meant to be a DJ mixing battle, DJ Cheese in 1986, introduced scratching in his routine, changing the course of the DMC battles forever. Since that time, the prestigious Technics / DMC World Champion title has been the most sought after by aspiring DJs / turntablists worldwide!
The only equipment permitted in the Technics DJ Championships is Technics SL1200 turntables and are Technics EX-DJ1200 mixer. No other equipment is allowed. The DJs are allowed a period of exactly six (6) minutes to impress the judges. The same rules are applied to all competitions around the world.
It is the inspirational performances of the world champions that will go down in the history books and will always be remembered – DJ Cheese (USA ‘86), Chad Jackson (UK ’87), Cash Money (USA ’88), Cutmaster Swift (UK ’89), DJ David (Germany ’90 & ’91), Q-Bert & the Rock Steady Crew (USA ’92 & ’93), Roc Raider (USA ’95) and DJ Noise (Denmark ’96). In 1997 Canada’s fifteen year old DJ A-Trak stunned the world by winning first place and the coveted gold turntables in Rimini, Italy. Then for the next three years DJ Craze from Miami, USA was the World Champion. In 2001 the Championship was won by Plus-One from the UK and in 2002 Japan's DJ Kentaro took home the gold. 2003 saw the gold turntables once again traveling to Canada when Toronto homeboy DJ Dopey won. In 2004 the gold went to I.Emerge, another great American champ.
Many great names have taken part in the Technics World DJ Championships over the years. Some of the UK top entries to the DJ competition have included Carl Cox and Tony De Vit. The Italians will point to their top DJ producers such as Zappala, Claudio Coccoluto and DJ Professor who all made their mark in the competition. Sweden had Rob'n'Raz, Denmark had Cutfather and Canada had Nick Holder back in 1989 and the Ninja Tune wonder Kid Koala, who won the Montreal Elimination back in 1996.

DMC World Team Championships
The idea of having one team compete against another team makes for a very exciting competition as is well remembered when DJ teams were allowed for the first time at the 1992 and the 1993 DMC World Finals. Of the different teams competing against solo DJs DJ Q-Bert & the Rock Steady Crew / Supreme Team from San Francisco really made everyone recognize the musical potential of DJ teams.
The first ever DMC DJ Teams only battles took place in 1999. The Scratch Perverts team from the UK were crowned the first World DJ Team Champions. The 2000 World Team Champion title was taken by an unbelievable team consisting of DJ A-Trak from Canada and DJ Craze from the U.S. The combined skills and showmanship of these two World Champion DJs was a hard act to follow. 2001’s Team Championship was won by the Perverted Allies, a hot team made up of two members each of the Scratch Perverts from the U.K. and the Allies crew from U.S.A. In 2002 France’s Birdy Nam Nam with legendary DJ Crazy B took the title of best DJ Team in the world. France’s team Coup 2 Cross took first place in the 2003 and 2004 World Team Championship.

DMC Battle For World Supremacy
In the year 2000 DMC added the most exciting style of DJ competition to its outstanding repertoire of battles. The DMC Battle for World Supremacy is conducted in the tradition of the old school head to head battles in which two DJs pair off and battle each other in two rounds of 90 seconds per round. Winners from these pairings move to the next round. What makes The Battle for World Supremacy so different from the other DMC competitions is the DJs have to use their wits as well as skills to knockout their opponent with word-play recorded on the records they have in their record box without knowing who their next opponent will be in a random draw for the next round.
DJ Skully from Northampton was the UK’s first Supremacy Champion in 2000. His performance was outstanding and the battle was intense but he could not top DJ Kodh from France who became the first Battle For World Supremacy Champion. France’s DJ Netik holds the 2001 & the 2002 title. At the 2003 Battle For World Supremacy Canada’s M-Rock was defeated by UK’s Tigerstyle for the World Supremacy Champion title. 2004 saw a very tight battle where the UK's Silk Kuts got knocked out by Japan's Akakabe.

The History of the DMC World DJ Championships 2006
1st: Netik - France
2nd: Yasa - Japan
3rd: Rafik - Germany

1st: DJ Coma - Japan
2nd: Troubl' - France

1st: C2C - France
2nd: Disablists - United Kingdom

Rachi (Holland)

Perplex (Australia)

Dj Inquisitive (Singapore)

Asian Hawk (UK)

Dj Noodles (Taiwan)

Kid Sid (Sweden)

Kico (USA)

Wundrkut (Canada)

Fred Funk (USA)

Rafik (Germany)

Yasa (Japan)

Netik (France)

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