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Space Night - The Best Of Earthviews

Год выпуска: 2001
Страна: Germany
Жанр: Electronic, Ambient
Продолжительность: 150 мин
Параметры видео: PAL 4:3 (720x576) VBR
Параметры аудио: Dolby AC3, 2 ch

Описание: Label: General Electronic Music
Catalog#: GEM DVD02
Format: DVD
Genre: Electronic
Style: Trip Hop, Downtempo, Ambient
Credits: Compiled by Aural Float
Notes: contains videos taken from the German late-night TV-series "Space Night - Earthviews" (episodes 4-7) showing the Earth from space
the bonus tracks 29 and 30 are music video clips

01 Insect Jazz - Wildflower
02 Fresh Moods - Rhythmbreeze
03 Move D - Amazing Discoveries
04 Sensorama - Echtzeit
05 Full Moon Fashions - Magic Morning
06 Cold - Strobe Light Network
07 Aural Float - Introspection
08 Ajax - Story Of Life
09 Aural Float - Zwei G
10 Z-Plane - Slowdown Sundown
11 Saafi Brothers - The Witness
12 Aural Float meets Arc In The Sky - Clash Of Scale
13 Aural Float - Free Float
14 The Sushi Club - Nigu Jaga
15 Full Moon Fashions - Always Feed The Fish
16 Saafi Brothers - Free Senses
17 Gabriel Le Mar - Slo Mo
18 Patchwork - Frequencies
19 Wondabraa - Draft
20 Index ID - Schlafphase
21 Drøn - Rem
22 Amphotic - Space Talk
23 JFC - Gliding Senses
24 Chris Zippel - Summerblink
25 Ruxpin - Palace Midas
26 Index ID - Planisphäre
27 Quantum Leap - Sunset Flight
28 The Sushi Club - Koi
29 Aural Float - New Frontiers
30 The Sushi Club - A Trip
„SPACE NIGHT“, the legendary and highly awarded nightshift TV program of public station Bayerischer Rundfunk, has
definitely become an cult-like institution over the last 6 years within german TV history. „Space Night“ fascinates its
evergrowing fanbase night by night, fusing atmosperic electronic music of leading international ambient, electro or trance
artists with breathtaking impressions from the orbit. Incredible pictures from the NASA and ESA archives offer an unique
view on our mother earth, like a zero gravity experience at home.

As the visionary brainchild of Andrea Bönte und Georg Scheller and with musical directors like those requested DJs and
chill out experts from Aural Float, the „Space Night“ concept has developed a very own identity. What makes this tv
program so special is the fact that it combines the aspects of documentary with laid back entertainment. An audio-visual
journey into space that after all these years is still as fascinating and spectacular as on day one - the reactions of
both viewers and critics speak for itself. The success story continues...

„Best Of Earthviews“ takes its viewers and listeners on a trip to outer space, a cosmic odyssee musically backed by
futuristic soundscapes, warm chill out tracks and spherical downtempo grooves. An astonishing project by the „Space Night“
crew whose experience and know-how has also led to another TV program entitled „Flow Motion“ on the public tv station of
„Hessischer Rundfunk“. „Flow Motion“ has a similar musical approach as the „Space Night“ program whereas it’s visual
concept is a very own one.

With the release of „Space Night: Best Of Earthviews“ on Nov. 5th 2001 a dream comes true for all fans of the series:
Elektrolux presents a DVD including the best and most impressing views of the first three parts of Earthviews. The
ultimate collector’s item even for the most demanding „Space Night“ follower.

The DVD „Space Night: Best Of Earthviews“ is a highlight within the history of this legendary series. A must have for all
fans of „Space Night“!
Качество: DVD5 От себя: Замечательная подборка видео, сделанного с земной орбиты (преимущественно съёмки NASA), на которую наложена не менее замечательная музыка не нуждающихся в отдельном представлении музыкантов лэйбла Elektrolux. Отличное медитативное видео.

Трекер:  [ 27-Ноя-2011 12:20 ]


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