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With 'Animals - The Movie', Minilogue's visual world comes fully into

(Marcus Henriksson & Sebastian Mullaert)
Animals - The Movie
Лейбл: Cocoon Recordings
Каталожный №: CORDVD 001
Формат: DVD Album
Производитель диска: EU
Год выпуска диска: февраль 2009
Жанр:: Minimal, Tech House, Ambient
Продолжительность: 79 мин.
Качество: DVD5
Формат: DVD Video
Видео : MPEG-2, PAL, (720x576), 10080 kb/s VBR
Аудио : Dolby AC3, 6 ch / Dolby AC3, 2 ch
Семпл: Здесь
Описание: Видеоверсия альбома Animals в многоканальном и стерео вариантах.
[i]When Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson founded Minilogue in 2000, it was not only a musical project but also a visual one. From the beginning, the two musicians thought animals to be the front for Minilogue. These animals do not actually exist, they are imaginary animals. As they appear on Minilogue's record sleeves, they merge elements of all different animals together: there is a donkey with a trunk of an elephant or a mouse with the horns of a deer. With "Animals – The Movie", Minilogue's visual world comes fully into existence. The 80-minute-long DVD is created by Hinge Design from New Zeeland and a couple of other visuals artists. Two segments by Kristofer Ström were released as a preview; "Hitchhiker’s Choice" had more than three million views on YouTube.

Huge Design emphasizes the artificial character of most of their creations. Nature has to go through multiple digital filters to appear on their screen. Everything is divided down to its tiniest elements, and multiplied into repetitive series. The next chapter starts with the inside of an old tape recorder with an analogue VU-display. Later, many VU-meters form an abstract ballet. Photography and computer graphics are merged into one: as they research the surfaces of decaying materials, they create synthetic worlds. Suddenly an old British telephone cell appears in a luscious computer-generated meadow. A very special charming naiveté is the key note of the film. The whole imaginary is formed around a certain idea of cuteness. The leitmotif of the film is the ever transforming animal that appears in almost every chapter of the DVD. In Kristofer Ström's animated clips for "Animals" and "Hitchhiker's Choice", it goes through countless re-modellings. In the first film the real hand of Ström draws animal after animal in high-speed, until the colorful lines start to move and develop new forms by itself. In another chapter, there is nothing but a rough texture on the screen and a couple of dots and lines, which turn into a lake and swarms of dragonflies and bees rise.

Yet there are phases without any figure. A night drive through a big city is dissolved into nothing but the movement of the white lines at the side of the streets. Another chapter shows an artificial city reminding one of the staged spaces of photographer Thomas Demand: the facades of the houses are just blank surfaces – the camera rapidly moves through the empty streets. "Seconds (Colour of Sound)" by Jon Baxter is the most reduced clip on the DVD: it shows the sky filmed out of a car which moves slowly. It is so dark that we only see the outline of the trees we pass. This line is formed into repetitive patterns. "The first day of the rest of my life" by Dylan Pharazyn is closest to the techno imaginary of the Nineties: We start in a neutral landscape, pills in elegant pastel colours ascend to the sky like birds.

The rhythm of the whole movie is defined by its quiet camera motions. With its countless images and movements, the films put us in a detached position. We watch the world around us like scientists. This remoteness enables us to experience its beauty to its full extent. "Animals – The Movie" manages to combine the repetitive collages of club visuals with the subtleties of video art. It is for sure one of the most ambitious visualisations of today's electronic music. It will appear as well on the TV in your living room as in your favourite club.
  • Old Water
    (design & animation by Rob Zohrab)
  • Windows
    (design & animation by Rob Zohrab)
  • City lights
    (design & animation by Rob Zohrab)
  • Six arms and one leg
    (design & animation by Rob Zohrab)
  • View of a juggling ball
    (design & animation by Rob Zohrab)
  • Yesterday Bells
    (design & animation by Rob Zohrab) : 16mm Film Footage Shot by Nic [email protected] Films
  • Giant hairy super monster
    (design & directed by Rupert Mackenzie, edited by Francis Glenday)
  • The Word feat. Tobias
    (design & animation by Rob Zohrab)
  • Across town
    (design & animation by Rob Zohrab) + Mel Goodard
  • Hitchhiker's Choice
    (design & animation by Kristoffer Ström)
  • In a distance
    (design & animation by Rob Zohrab)
  • The first day of the rest of my life
    (design & animation by Dylan [email protected] : additional edit by Rob Zohrab)
  • Seconds (Colour & Sound)
    (design & animation by Jon Baxter @ Perceptual
  • Animals
    (director & character animation by Kristoffer Ström)
  • Outro
    (design & animation by Rob Zohrab)

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