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Russian Three Way

Сайт: NinnWorx.com
Жанр: Threesome, Lesbian, Straight, FFM, Russian
Количество фото: 125 фото
Разрешение: 5760 x 3840

Drogo is going to get his dick worked out to the max in this FFM flick by his favorite honeys Luna and Artemida who are up at dawn and raring to get a morning ride. These girls know how to please a man - with a hearty breakfast, of course! But after starting to get dressed to start their day, the girls decide, nah, it''s time to get undressed! The girls want Drogo''s sausage for breakfast and so the threesome climb in the sack for some AM lovin''. The glamour porn babes double team his shaft taking turns giving him blowjobs and handjobs before he returns the oral antics by pussy licking at their shaved pussies on the bed. These three Russian teens understand that sharing is caring and the girls take turns riding his schlong in doggystyle and spoon style and every thing in between. This video is crammed full of pussy fucking and fingering, and it doesn''t get much hotter than when he cums in their mouths and the two girlfriends cum swap his jizz!

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