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Dead in Vinland
Год выпуска: 12 апреля 2018 г.
Жанр: Приключенческие игры, Инди, Ролевые игры, Симуляторы, Стратегии
Разработчик: CCCP
Издательство: Playdius, Plug In Digital
Версия: v 1.02
Системные требования:
ОС: Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1
Процессор: AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.0GHz
Оперативная память: 2 GB ОЗУ
Видеокарта: GeForce GTS 450
DirectX: Версии 9.0
Место на диске: 2 GB
Дополнительно: 1280x720 minimal screen resolution

Тип издания: Лицензия
Язык интерфейса: английский, французский, немецкий
Язык озвучки: Отсутствует
Таблэтка: Не требуется (DRM Free)
Dead in Vinland - приключенческая ролевая игра с элементами выживания и менеджмента, которая является прямым продолжением Dead In Bermuda. Оказавшись изгнанным на далекую неизведанную землю, Эрик и его семье должны найти способ выжить. Управляйте физическим и психическим здоровьем героев, исследуйте остров, обустраивайте свой лагерь и общайтесь с другими людьми. Некоторые из них, если пожелаете, придут вам на помощь, а некоторые будут менее сговорчивы. Раскройте эзотерические тайны Винланда. Они смогут спасти вам жизнь... или привести к смерти.


A quick hotfix for the weekend!


 - Corrected a nasty bug which prevented to complete some quests. (for those who encountered this "wait for the night" bug, just go to speak to the character again and it will shoot the dialog in the next night).
 - Corrected achievement Headcleaver which was not triggering.
 - Added a trait that was missing.
 - Corrected some words and lines that were not translated in FR and DE.
 - Corrected some entities with infinite actions. (which made the game too easy...  )
 - Corrected wrong names on some dialogs (Cissé).

 Happy surviving!

 Discussion: https://[][/url]

 Hey survivors!

 We wanted to push a quick patch today with the most important fixes that could be done in only one day of work.

 The patch notes are below, but maybe the most important fix is that we REMOVED THE TIME LIMIT of 120 days. You can now play indefinitively if you like.

 It's just a quick and dirty way to do it, I think we will rework a bit what happens when you reach the end of the tributes, but it will need a bit more time to do it properly.

 As of now, we will continue to fix small things up as they come, but we'll also start working on bigger changes that will take us a bit more time to do. We'll pick things from the Wishlist thread that we set up and that is growing, we'll try to communicate from time to time on what our priorities are, but I can already tell you that the fast/skipping of dialogs lines is on our top priority list.

 If you like the game, don't hesitate to leave us a little review! For small developers like us, it's a lot of help 



 - Removed the event happening on day 120 which would end the game. Now the game is endless. Added a bunch of tributes until day 200. After that, no more tributes for now.
 - Changed the values of dehydration decrease in the share the drinks phase to match the number of doses given (1 dose = 100% chances to lower 1 level of dehydration now)
 - Dryer: Lowered chances of stolen food (Was 20%|10%|5% => Now 15%| 5%|1%
 - Corrected a bug in the calculation of the Dryer efficiency, that would raise way too much the chances of food being stolen when the Dryer's condition malus was applied
 - Crafting of Healing items in the Forge:
 - Increased amount of powders crafted in one time from 1 to 4
 - Increased amount of ointments crafted in one time from 1 to 2
 - Reduced crafting cost per powder from 3 healing plants to 2
 - Removed basic Crit Resistance level up Traits from the level traits pool of the Sturdy characters
 - Enhanced the tooltip for whetstones and armors, to show how much days the effects will last.
 - Corrected speakers in one of Parvaneh's dialogs
 - Corrected a bug allowing to craft one of the Shelter's Tier 2 upgrades before crafting Study 2
 - Corrected some tributes where you could get stuck in the dialog, not able to pay the tribute.
 - Corrected a dialog where knut would appear in a conversation with Solveig even after his death
 - Corrected a bug that would enable a character to talk about Yaghoub, even after his death.
 - Corrected missing translated texts and typos in FR/DE
 - Corrected a value not showing in the Big Heart trait

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