All the Light We Cannot See | Juin 2013 (1223) | Episode 26- BB2 Ep #26

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WPW-283 Sharon Marvel & Joanne Lee / Photoshoot

Год производства: 1995 г.
Страна: U.S
Жанр: Fetish

В ролях: Joanne Lee and Sharon Marvel

Описание: We have to add all the sessions up again, but aside from Melissa Coates and Michelle Ivers, who stuck around the scene longer, we did more work with Sharon than anyone else. The two main reasons were that she had been living in New Jersey for most of her career, and that she always had a different ''look'', ranging from ripped at 120 pounds to incredible off-season condition, a couple of times reaching 180 pounds. We had two sessions with her in 1995 for this release- in very ripped contest shape (5''3" 140 pounds) at the time of her 1995 Jan Tana Pro contest, then a few months later when she was around 165 pounds. Sadly, the latter session would be our last with her until 12 years later, when she was trying to make her comeback. Her contest shape material here shows Sharon at her very best- she put on about 20 pounds of cut muscle since 1987, and she hits the shots in many outfits during both sessions. No gymwork this time, but her last interview is included. This was our second session with Joanne, and she gets 80 minutes- same for Sharon. The British champ was in huge and ripped shape (5''8" 180 pounds) at the time of her 1985 Ms. Olympia contest. She poses in several swimsuits/dresses- most footage with our pro equipment then good quality camcorder for her ''railroad posing scenes''. Update interview also included.

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