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Aubrey Kate TS Superstar / Aubrey Kate: TS Суперзвезда (Aiden Starr, Evil Angel)

Жанр: Double Anal, Double Penetration, Fetish, First Double Penetration, Gangbang, Star showcase, Shemale, Gonzo, Anal, Transsexual
Количество фото: 626 фото
Разрешение: 1280×1920

Описание: Aubrey Kate TS Superstar
Evil Angel Films presents Aubrey Kate: TS Superstar, a luxuriously lensed look at the sexuality of a stunning beauty. Director Aiden Starr captures the bodacious blonde with the bouncy bonus in four varieties of hardcore action, but some things are constant: Aubrey''s glamorous, hyper-femininity; her hard-charging she-dick; and her insatiable erotic drive. Pierce Paris ravishes the artistically tattooed Aubrey in her convertible. She deep-throats the hung stud and they trade slamming butt-fucks on the garage floor. Aubrey savors a cum facial and spermy kisses. In a college classroom, luscious MILF professor Phoenix Marie lectures Lance Hart and Aubrey (in plaid schoolgirl skirt and sky-high heels) about their slutty behavior, but Ms. Marie wants some too! In a threesome on the desk, they exchange blowjobs and rimjobs. Lance sodomizes both "ladies," and Aubrey fucks Phoenix'' pussy. Bikini bottom bulging, the trans diva turns to Sebastian Keys and Colby Jansen for a double-anal reaming! Their cock-on-cock friction stretches her pretty butthole. What Aubrey needs most is a gangbang, so six bearded, tattooed ballplayers (wearing only tats, jocks and eye black) team up. An ass-blasting cluster-fuck leads to a bukkake-style circle-suck, with six loads plastering Aubrey''s eyelashes, tits and pretty smile.

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