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Год производства: 2017 г.
Страна: U.S
Жанр: Fetish

В ролях: Brandi Mae

Описание: Like a REAL TIME super VILLAINESS, I have conquered an ATLAS and now the time has come for me to CONQUER a GINGER HAIRED THOR JOHNSON. He is a definite rugged STUD, stacked with an UNCUT, BEEF throbbing BIG COCK; he is a strong brute that isn''t shy nor scared to take on a SEDUCTIVE AMAZON who is yearning to be SUCKED, FUCKED AND MAN HANDLED! I doze off yearning for a RED HEAD BEAST to ravish me. My PUSSY is PUMPED, SWOLLEN and anxiously waiting to be drenched in saliva and puckered lips! Thor graciously removes my CLIT suction and after teasing and stroking my JACKED UP CLIT, he eagerly begins to EAT. He munches on my PUSSY as though he is starved; as though gaining super power from giving me head, I then begin to DIP the PUSSY in his mouth and FEED him my emposing meat. I notice his uncut COCK is stiff and needing a snack, I NIBBLE on his HEAD for a while. SUCKING and GNAWING his cock, swirling it around in my mouth...his ginger PUBIC hair gleems in the bright sun light...curly and course. We are both RAGINGLY horny, aroused by one another''s STRENGTH and MUSCLE APPEAL, after anxiously and orally fixating on one another, we KISS, embrace and like a SUPER HERO THOR lift''s my BIG ASS up and carries me off to the bedroom....
After getting my fair share of FORESKIN in my MOUTH and my ENGORGED CLIT worshipped, BIG STUD THOR JOHNSON whisks me away to the bedroom. However, even though he is manly enough to CARRY my 160lbs of body to the bedroom, I turn the tables on him and he certainly doesn''t put up a fight. I slide UP and DOWN on his GIRTHY DICK, doing a fun REVERSE MISSIONARY POSITION, where I FUCK him deep, hard and while PINNING his legs back. It is like a salacious combination of FUCKING at it''s finest. THOR and I have a great chemistry and we have this SEE SAW of a power struggle. He eventually PENETRATES my EPIC ass dooggystyle! I TWERK my ASS all around, side to side as he THRUSTS back and forth.....he spanks my BIG BOOTY and I cum pretty easily with this GINGER GIRTH inside me. I once again turn the tables on him, getting him face down and ass up. I lick his GINGER HAIR garnished ASS HOLE...playing with it and softly tugging on his testicles. After lubing up his HOLE, I stroke my MEAT THICKENED CLIT and proceed to RUB it against his silky HOLE. Quickly after humping his ASS, I tell him he needs to JERK OFF and JIZZ right on my bulbous BICEP. After spitting and jerking his dick, he creams a HUGE LOAD all over my arm as I FLEX it....and being he knows how to follow a QUEEN''s instructions, he licks up his filthy mess with an eager tongue. Thor and I are both BEEF BAKE BREEDERS who stay hungry for SEX, DOMINATION, and KINK!

Тип HD видео: 720p
Качество видео: HDRip
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 29.97fps 2986kbps [V: Apple Video Media Handler [eng] (h264 constrained baseline L3.1, yuv420p, 1280x720, 2986 kb/s)]
Аудио: AAC 44100Hz stereo 256kbps [A: Apple Sound Media Handler [eng] (aac lc, 44100 Hz, stereo, 256 kb/s)]

Трекер:  [ 12-Ноя-2017 17:00 ]


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