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Год выпуска модификации: 2011
Жанр: : Action (Shooter) / RPG / 3D / 1st Person / 3rd Person
Разработчик: Eidos Studios (Montreal)
Издатель : Square Enix
This mod makes ammo stack up to 255 and mods some grid sizes.


New stacking up to 255:
1. Ammo
2. Consumables
3. Mines
4. AUD's and R-DED
5. Grenades
6. Alcohol
7. All weapon mods

Inventory Grid Resize:
All weapon mod kits are 2x1
All light ammo is 1x1
All heavy ammo is 2x1
All mines and R-DED are 1x1
Energy bars & boxes of bars are 1x1
Energy powder jugs are 2x1
10mm handgun is 2x1

1) Скопировать файл patch0.000 в папку с установленной игрой ( не забудьте сделать бэкап оригинала)
2) Играть

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Это что за мод?


Хороший повод пройти еще раз игру))


Скриншот отображает особенности сия мода.
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This mod aims to improve the inventory item stacking and item inventory grid sizes of the base game - it doesn't change anything else.

Updated stacks:
1.) all ammo now stacks to 65.5k
2.) all consumables now stack to 65.5k
3.) all mines now stack to 65.5k
4.) AUD's and R-DED now stack to 65.5k
5.) all "stims" now stack to 65.5k

Items that didn't stack:
5.) all grenades now stack, up to 65.5k
6.) all alchohol now stacks, up to 255
7.) all weapon mods now stack, up to 255

Inventory Grid Sizes:
All weapon mod kits are 2x1
All "small" ammo is 1x1
All "large" ammo is 2x1
All mines and R-DED are 1x1
Energy bars & boxes of bars are 1x1
Energy powder jugs are 1x2

Weapon Sizes:
All weapons are 1 grid-unit shorter in height, and (usually) 2 grids shorter in width.

To install the mod, just back up and then replace your existing patch0.000 in the Deus Ex install directory with the patch0.000 included in this archive.
Deus Ex is usually installed to: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\deus ex - human revolution\

To get the mod to affect an existing save, just drop all of your present inventory and pick it back up - anything that can stack will do so.
To get the mod to affect a new game, just start the game and the mod will kick in automatically.

If Eidos patches the game and changes the patch0.000 file, the mod will stop working - this won't affect your present ammo stacks, but anything new will start a new stack, and if you drop a "superstack" and pick it back up, it will split into normal stacks. When Eidos patches the game, I will endeavour to update this mod to reflect Eidos' changes and still retain superstack functionality.

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