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Angelina Torres Photosets Mega Pack Siterip

Жанр: Shemale, Solo, Lingerie, Hardcore, Masturbation, Feet
Количество фото: 7380
Разрешение: 1074x1600


Описание: Hi Everyone... My name is Angelina Torres I''m born and raised in France and I say that I''m French. Actually I''m Spanish. My parents are both from Spain. I consider myself being somewhere in the middle - French/Spanish I want you to get to know me up close and personal. I want to take you on the ride. I want to be your fantasy. I want to tease, please, and bring you to your knees! I''m everything you want me to be... Click Here to Join Now!
I love everything nasty, sexy and kinky, and I wanna love you! I love getting pictures taken as I rid my body of all my clothes and become fully nude for you! The heat of the lights and the flashes of the lens gets me so very turned on and I can feel my body trembling with anticipation... being naked makes me so hot! I hope I can do a lot of nasty things for you!!! My ex-boyfriend used to love watching sex videos and masturbating... I caught him doing it several times... In your case... well I''d love to see you masturbating while you watch me on my videos... It''d be nice to watch... and maybe help you out... and maybe do something with all that cum when you finish... so, wanna watch my vids? Yeah!!! А также проверьте мои другие посты! Есть еще большие сборники транс-девочек. Жмите на мой профиль.

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