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Год выпуска: 2010
Жанр: E-Guide
Издательство: Prima Games
Формат: PDF
Качество: ebook (2259x3493)
Язык: ENG
Количество страниц: 467

На 467 страницах содержится подробное описание с советами и иллюстрациями процесса создания персонажа, игровых фракций, прохождения основных и дополнительных квестов, всех итемов и многое другое. Гайд рассчитан на людей с любым опытом игры в игры серии Fallout.
      • Super-detailed Mojave Wasteland map poster shows all 200+ Primary Locations and dozens more secondary areas, so you'll never be lost in Sin City!

      • Don't miss anything! We reveal every collectible, unique item, major ammunition and health cache, and much more!

      • Fully equipped adventuring! All the Crafting techniques are covered, plus every Campfire, Reloading Bench, Workbench, Caravan Player, Trader, Merchant, Healer, and Dealer is located!

      • How S.P.E.C.I.A.L. are you? Learn when and how to use all the new Perks, Traits, and Skills, and how to upgrade every Follower!

      • Ready to carve out an independent New Vegas, or act on behalf of a Faction overlord? Complete strategies, including all major Skill, Perk, and Faction decisions, for every Main Quest, Side Quest, and Challenge!

      • Optimize your upgrades! Learn how to modify your weapons, where all the components are located, and compare your armaments using our detailed statistics charts. Tactics for manual aiming and new Unarmed attacks are also revealed.

      • Character Archetypes, based on hundreds of hours of playtesting, are revealed so you know where to spend your Skill points, and the best attributes and items to seek out

      • 100+ fully-detailed maps of all major settlements guide you instantly and easily to collectible locations!

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