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Buffy the game Chaos Bleeds GameCube + Эмулятор для РС

год выпуска: 2003
страна: США
жанр: Beat 'em up
продолжительность: от вас зависит)))
язык: английский

Описание: Игра основана на популярном телевизионном сериале. Игра начинается, когда Баффи и её друзья неожиданно обнаруживают целую армию мертвецов. Вы будете сражаться с полчищами вампиров, зомби и демонов, чтобы сохранить мир. В игре вам будут доступны 6 персонажей из сериала, а также продвинутый движок, позволяющий выполнять до 100 различных движений и их комбинаций, с помощью которых Баффи и её друзья могут уничтожать врагов человечества.

доп. инфо: Игра для GameCube в плюс игре идут эмулятор, чтоб на РС играть для х32 и х64. Игру очень интересует ваша ОЗУ-шка, у меня слегка тормозит на 1гб.

Офф. сайт разработчика:
Игра на англ. Википедии(много информации):
Новые версии эмулятора Dolphin:
Системные требования: GameCube или РС с мин 1гб оперативки
Установка на РС: Используя Dolphin(присутствует в раздаче), эмулировать файл "buffy-bf.gcm". Все, последний шаг - получить удовольствие)))
Here it is, the (hopefully) complete walkthrough. Descriptions of the level
are taken from the game manual. There are spoilers in this FAQ, it's almost
unavoidable. What you won't find is backstory. It would take too long to
explain everything. So if you've never watched the show, the Character
Profiles are adequate enough to fill you in.

Each level has a certain number of objectives you must complete in order to
complete the level. Not every level contains a boss battle. A level may
have a main objective, but other objectives may be added along the way.

Some quick tips. Pick up every item you find. You can only hold 5 of any
item, but get all that you can. Fight all demons. There's just no reason
not to. And check all rooms for items to pick up.

* a) LEVEL 1 : The Magic Box *
* SECRETS : 3 *
* CHARACTERS: Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Spike *
* EXTRAS : Anthony Stewart Head interview *
* Multiplayer Character Male Vampire *

The game starts out with a little cut scene that sets up the first level. It
seems that some vampires are running wild in the Magic Box. We see Buffy and
Spike dust a couple of vamps. Willow mentions that Tara and Anya haven't
come back from the basement. Buffy sends her comrades off into action --
Xander to the training room, Spike to the basement, and Willow goes off to
find a spell book.

OBJECTIVE: Defeat the invading vampires in the magic shop.

Now you take control of Buffy. A handful of vamps will come and attack you
one at a time. You'll hear Giles' voice in the background reminding you of
the controls -- Square to punch, X to kick. Run behind you and break the
chairs for a couple of stakes or check the box under the balcony that Willow
is on. All the characters you'll be controlling have 3 stakes already, but
pick some up just in case.

Now just rough up our dead friends and stake 'em when their health is low or
when they're on the ground. Pick up some items on the shelves (items that
are glowing blue can be picked up). After you dust 4 or 5 vamps, a cut scene
of Buffy kicking butt comes on, then you take control of Willow.

OBJECTIVE: Find Kraus's Compendium and defeat any remaining vamps.

With Willow, check the right side of the loft for a medi-pak. If you take a
while, you'll hear Tara's voice tell you to check the lower level of the
shop. Press Triangle to use the ladder or Circle to jump off. Check
Willow's spell book for spells that she knows. Right now, there's only 2 --
Shockwave (Square, basically a punch) and Fireball (X X). Search the shops
for any items you can pick up and make sure to get some stakes. Head behind
the counter and you should see a back door. There's a key hanging on the
rack which you can pick up. Now head toward the front of the store. There's
a cabinet next to the desk; you'll hear Tara tell you which one if you miss
it. Press the Triangle to open it. Here you'll find the book Willow was
looking for; you'll learn the Sun Spell (X X Square). It'll dust all vamps
within range.

In the opposite side of the room is a lamp next to the bookshelf. Have
Willow punch it or throw a fireball at it. A holy water should drop out from

A couple of vamps will appear. Use your spells or stake 'em the old
fashioned way. A small cut scene between Buffy and Willow, then you take
control of Xander in the training room.

OBJECTIVE: Secure the training room using the cross bow and battle axe.

Pick up the cross bow and holy water on the counter. There's a medi-pak
behind the counter too. If you hate hand-to-hand combat, pick a battle axe
behind the blue dummy. Dust a few vamps, then you take control of Spike in
the basement. You don't have to use the cross bow or axe to defeat the
vamps, but you do have to pick them up to complete the objective.

OBJECTIVE: Rescue Anya and Tara from the magic shop's basement.

There's a sword on the desk to the left of Spike. Dust some vamps with
stakes though. You'll encounter some zombies for the first time, no need to
stake them. Just beat them to a non-bloody pulp. Pick up some stakes in the
little nook to the right of the stairs and a medi-pack on the left. Then
head through the door in the back of the room. Kill some vamps and zombies
in the next room. Pick up the hellfire then head into the next room. Vamps
and zombies again.

In one of the bookcases is a relic. Pick it up and place it in the statue in
the left corner; it has glowing red eyes. A secret passage will open where
you can pick up a baseball bat and a medi-pak.

There's a table blocking the door which you have to break down. Just kick
and punch it and it'll go down. Head through the little hallway, nothing to
see here. In this room you'll find Anya and Tara locked behind a cage. Dust
a few vamps; one that dress like a cop will drop a key. Use it to open the
door. Objective completed.

OBJECTIVE: Finish off the remaining attacking vampires.

Cut back to Xander and Willow in the main store room. Xander decides to
check on Spike to make sure Anya and Tara are okay. With Buffy, kill some
vamps. Willow is there to help and you don't need to look out for her; there
is no "friendly-fire" so watch out for Willow's fireballs. Pick up the
battle axe and cross bow Xander left on the counter for some extra help.
After you dusted all the vamps, a cut scene with another vamp reveals that
Kakistos is behind this. After the scene, save your game and continue to the
next level.

* b) LEVEL 2 : Cemetery *
* SECRETS : 5 *
* EXTRAS : Multiplayer Character Zombie Skeleton *
* Multiplayer Map Cemetery *
* Amber Benson Interview *

Buffy enters the cemetery and it seems an old friend is there to greet her --
Sid the dummy! A confused Buffy is even more confused when she finds out Sid
also knows of Kakistos' reappearance. Sid points Buffy in the right
direction but skidaddles, leaving Buffy to patrol on her own.

OBJECTIVE: Patrol the cemetery and check for any sign of Kakistos.

There's a shovel to your right. Pick it up and kill off a couple of vamps
and a whole bunch of corpses. Head to the third crypt on the right. Inside,
kill the one corpse and to the right, pick up the first sundial piece.

Jump into the crypt in the back and pick up the hellfire.

You'll notice that if you try and head out, the door is locked. Get behind
that statue thing on the left and press Triangle. Hold Up to push it onto a
little square on the floor (it's as far as it goes). The door should be held
open now. !!!MAKE SURE TO GET THE SUNDIAL PIECE NOW!!! It's been my
experience that the door becomes permanently locked if you head to the next

Head back out and travel north into the right corner. Pick up some stakes
along the way. Kill the one zombie then jump on the tomb and kick the
window. Go right through and kick some zombie butt. Get all the items in
her and head out the back door.

In the next section, kill the vamps and all the zombies. Go to the first
crypt on the left; the second sundial piece is in there.

Head to the crypt in the northeast part of this section. Four crates in
there for 2 Hellfires, a Holy Water, and a Medi-Pak.

Now go up the stairs and through the door. Right in front of you is the
sundial. Put the two pieces you have on there with the Triangle button. The
building in front of you is locked right now. On the right side of it,
behind a tombstone is the third sundial piece. Pick up and complete the
puzzle. You'll see a crypt in the last section open up.

Go back the last section and turn right. Go in the crypt and kill both
zombies, one of which drops the church key. Head back into the next section
and open the church doors.

Run through the corridor and through the door. You'll be greeted by a slew
of vamps. After you kill all those, you see one big mofo of a vamp bust
through a door. Slay it. Behind the alter are 2 stakes and a medi-pak. Now
go through the newly opened door.

Go down the stairs and kill some vamps. On the last level, you'll encounter
some spiders. Stomping on them should kill them in one hit. After that,
you'll notice that you can't open the door. But you can break it down.

Bust down the next door and turn left down the hallway. If you need stakes,
go all the down the hallway and left to break some crates. If not, turn
right and break down another door. Kill all the zombies in here.

On the left side in the center of the wall is a crypt you can pull out. Jump
on it, then jump up to grab on the ledge and up to the next level. head left
for a holy water and medi-pak.

On the right side toward the back of the room is another crypt you can pull
out. Get up to the next level and head right to a door you can break down.
Head through the door and left for a hellfire. There's a hole with a ladder
leading down; don't go there just yet. Throw a couple of hellfires to kill
those zombies and jump over to the other side.

On the other side, head all the way down the corridor. You'll encounter what
I think is a hellhound. Stake it, and you'll find a sword at the end of the

Now head down the ladder or jump down the hole. You can head to the left if
you need stakes. Go right through the sewer area and into some big room. I
haven't tried it, but don't jump into the green stuff. Go to the other side
and into another sewer area. If you try to climb up the ladder, Buffy will
be stopped by the steam. Go the right and break all the crates for 2 stakes,
a hellfire and a valve handle.

Head back to the big room and to the left you'll see a flashing green light.
There you can put the valve handle where it belongs and turn off the steam.
Now go back and head up the ladder. Fight off a couple of zombies.

Go left to the little area with the two crates. A hellhound with bust
through the door. Kill it and go into that little room for a medi-pak and a
battle axe.

Break the crates for a medi-pak, a stake, and a holy water. Go back to the
main room and on the left wall you'll notice a fuse box with no fuse and a
generator switch that needs the fuse to work. Go through the gated area in
the back and a monster will partially bust through the wall; you have to
break down the rest.

Kill those hellhounds, and head right for a hellfire and a stake. Go back to
the left, and be careful not to run of the grate floor. Walk left around the
circle and you'll see a fuse box. Take a fuse and go back to the busted fuse
box and place it there. Then flip the generator switch. Head back to the
circle area and go right this time. There's a bridge switch. Switch it then
go across the bridge.

Nothing to pick up here. Head through the sewers and up the ladder. You'll
find yourself back in a crypt. Kill the zombies and pick up the items if you
need them, then head out the door.

More zombies and more vamps to slay. You'll see a bulldozer but you don't
have key to start it. Darn. Go to the crypt across from it and inspect the
bird statue on the right side. A secret door will open up. Inside, kill the
zombie and bust the vases to find the ignition key. Go back to the bulldozer
and use the key. It'll bust down the wall.

Get through this crypt and out the door. More zombies and more vamps.
There's a medi-pak to the right on the top level. Go down the stairs. Head
to the back area to the right next to the crypt. Jump on the tomb then on
the crypt. Break through the grate and into the crypt.

Kill all zombies. You can bust open the little tomb doors. On the right
side you'll find a holy water and a hellfire. Pick up the unlit torch on the
left side of the passage way and light it. Then use the torch to burn the
spider webs. Head through the hallway; no monsters will jump out at you.

In the next crypt, put the torch in the right torch holder and the cage will
rise. Up the stairs and out the crypt, you'll see Kakistos. Objective
complete. After a little banter, Kakistos decides to run, leaving behind an
orb that resurrects the dead. Buffy fears it'll get her mom, who just
happens to be buried right there. Spike is awakened by the hub-bub and give
you hand in this battle.

OBJECTIVE: Defeat the zombies and Kakistos' spell before is resurrects Joyce

First kill all the zombies. They will stop coming after a while. Spike
helps you out, but you should probably help him out to move things along
quicker. There's a medi-pak in the back left corner, should you need it.
Hit the orb when it looks dimmer than usual. Three or four hits should do
it. Objective complete.

* c) LEVEL 3 : Blood Factory *
* SECRETS : 3 *
* CHARACTERS: Xander, Willow *
* EXTRAS : Multiplayer Character Zombie Demon *
* Nicholas Brendan Interview *

Willow and Tara try to perform a spell as Xander watches over them, but the
spell goes awry. To their surprise, Ethan Rayne walks in the door, and it
would seem like he has some new kind of power. Ethan sends in some bakemono
(little impish monsters) to kidnap Tara, but we don't know why yet. Though
Willow is able to stop some of them, Ethan still gets away with his hostage.
Willow and Xander notice there are prisoners in the factory. Willow heads
off to find Tara, and Xander stays to help free the people.

OBJECTIVE: Rescue all the hostages.

First, save the lady on the machine. Press the button the left side. Don't
let any bystanders die or else it's game over. Pick up some stakes and kill
the vamps. Go behind the machine and bust down the door to free another
girl. If a vamp is attacking any bystanders, throw them instead of hitting
them because you'll also damage the hostages. Now head through the other
side door.

Not much to do here; kill the spiders and the vamp. Then go into the next
room. Kill the two vamps, then bust down the door in the back to save a
hostage and to pick up a medi-pak. You'll see some lockers which you can
bust open. Pick up the cross bow in there or next to the lockers, you'll
need it later. Head farther back in the room to save a man, and kill the
vamp that attacks him. Then open the door and go into the next room.

There's an electric fence. Don't touch or you'll die!!! Eventually.
Instead, use the cross bow to shoot the electric box on the right side above
the barrels. After you kill the power, jump on the barrels. Directly across
from it and above the fence is an open spot to grab onto; jump and you should
make it across. Then jump over the barbed-wire to the other side. Open the
door and go to the next room.

Dust those vamps. Save the guy in the room, he'll give you a key. Pick up
the medi-pak in the same room. Open the door and head outside. Go all the
way down and to the left and pick up the lighter from the dead guy. Go
through the green door.

Bust down the door inside; no one to save here. Pick up the holy water on
the desk.

Go up the stairs. Here you'll find a hellfire and a water soaker.
Unfortunately you can't go through the door.

Go back down and back into the room. In the back, pull the filing cabinet
back to reveal an opening. Also in the back corner, you'll find holy water
ammo. Now head out through the opening.

To the left you'll find more holy water ammo. Kill all the demons here. Go
to the little shed deal in the back. Inside, turn the valve to turn on the
gas. Inspect the pipe where the gas leaks through. You'll see a cut scene
of Xander using the lighter to bust through the wall.

Head in the room then into the next. Dust some vamps here. On the other
side of the fence you'll see a vamp walking around and girl in a cage. To
the left on your side, there's a switch to lower the cage. DO NOT PRESS THE
BUTTON or it's game over for you. You can try and shoot the vamp with the
cross bow, but I've been unsuccessful in my attempts. Anyway, go through the

In the hallway, go in the next door to get around the previous fence. Dust
vampy and bust down the door the free the man. Then head back to lower the
cage and free the girl. Xander's done enough now. It's Willow's turn.

OBJECTIVE: Rescue all the hostages.

Kill the vamps that attack you. The sun spell works nicely. Break some
crates to pick up stakes. Head forward and to the left for an unlocked door.

In this humongous room, kill the few vamps that come out. In the top left
corner is a medi-pak.

Head right and you'll see a door you can't go through, but to the right,
behind all the barrels and what not is a cross bow.

Now go back and jump up onto the cargo deals; you should be able to grab onto
the center one. Go all the way to the top. Some vamps will attack you; it's
no big if you fall off, but a little annoying. At the very top and to the
right is a walkway you can get to. Go down the stairs and into the room. In
the back of the room is a switch; pull it to lift the barge and reveal a
door. Go there. Kill the vamp first then flip the switch to free the girl.
Head outside and toward the green door.

A cutscene with the greatest Freudian slip ever. Go through the door.

To the right is a shovel. Dust those vamps good. In the far back to the
right is a medi-pak. Nothing else to do here. Head toward the trailer and
next to it is a forklift. Use it to lift up that crate, then use the crate
to get on the trailer. Head through the door.

Here, you'll learn the homing spell (X Square X). Use it to kill the vamps.
In the back, there's a button the stop the conveyor belt. Jump on one of the
boxes and into the opening above.

Pick up the items in this small room. Head right and down the hole. Kill
the spiders and dust the vamp and pick up the key card and head out the
unlocked door. In the next room, pick up the medi-pak on the shelf. Go to
the fence door with the key pad to use the key card.

In the next room, there's a vat of blood on the right with three valves.
Turn each of them to drain the blood from another room. Head back out and
through the door on the right. Drop down to the lower level and climb up the
ladder to the door.

Go through a few door. When you get to the next room, you'll learn the
shield spell (X Square). Use it to protect yourself from damage. After you
dust all the vamps, check all the lockers for a key card. Go through the
open door into the bathroom for a medi-pak and some presents on the toilet
(no, not those presents). Go back out and left through the door. Use the
key card to open the next door.

This door leads outside and to Tara and Ethan. After some hateful words,
Ethan attacks.

OBJECTIVE: Protect Tara from Ethan's attacks.

Tara can take damage, so do take care of her. Use the shield spell and stand
in front of Tara to block the fireballs. She'll help you out a little with
the vamps. After not too much fan fare, Ethan bails.

* d) LEVEL 4 : The Magic Box Revisited *
* SECRETS : 2 *
* EXTRAS : Multiplayer Character Zombie Devil *
* Multiplayer Character Bat Beast *
* Robin Sachs interview *

Back at the magic box, Buffy and Giles are discussing the little foray in the
cemetery. Anya's theory (or is it Giles' theory?) is that the gang is seeing
and alternate reality version of Kakistos and Sid. Willow and Tara walk in,
explaining their mishap at the factory. Everyone is still very confused, but
they decide to call it a night. Wil decides to take Tara to the hospital,
and Giles had a mail order he has to take care of in the basement. As the
basement door closes, Kakistos appears out of nowhere, threatening the life
of Giles.

OBJECTIVE: Rescue Giles in the basement and check if he's okay.

An onslaught of vamps will come in and attack. Head to the back of the shop
to pick up some stakes, then take care of business. Go in the training room
to pick up a battle axe.

You can check out the basement if you want now, but you will be heading back
in there soon.

Head outside from the training room or through the door behind the counter in
the main room. Outside you'll see a grate. Bust through it and you'll find
Giles down there. Objective complete.

He's badly injured and some gargoyles turned demons are waiting to pounce
behind the cage. He knows of some magics that can kill them, but he needs a
book. Lucky for you, you have to head back to the store and find it.

OBJECTIVE: Find Bibeau's Compendium and return it to Giles.

Head back into the store. Go up to the book loft where Willow was in the
first level. Grab the book and get it back to Giles. Objective complete.

Giles reads the book and reveals that the gargoyles can be defeated with
Gorgon venom. If you notice, there are four different vials of glowing
stuff around the shop; one of them is the venom. It's your job to find out
which one.

OBJECTIVE: Locate the Gorgon venom and use it to make Gorgon stakes.

Head back into the shop. You need to find something gargoyle-like to test
the venom out to pick the right one. Now head down into the basement.

You can pick up a cross bow in the little nook to the right of the stairs.

***SECRET*** (thanks to &[email protected]>)
On the wall opposite the pentagram banner is a treasure chest. Open it for a

Go through all of the rooms until you get to a locked door; the next room is
where the gargoyles are. Anyway, next to that locked door is a treasure
chest. Open it up to find a gargoyle claw. Now you can test the four
liquids upstairs to see which one is the venom.

Head back upstairs and test out your claw. The Gorgon venom is the green
stuff across from the counter. Use your stakes to make Gorgon stakes and
head back to Giles. Objective complete.

When you're ready, open the cage door and kill those gargoyles. When their
health is low, just stake 'em with your Gorgon stakes.

OBJECTIVE: Escort Giles to safety.

Now you have to get the hobbling Giles out of here. He will catch up, but
don't get too far ahead of him. And make sure he doesn't get killed. Just
get him back upstairs.

In the first room you enter after the gargoyles, there's a treasure chest on
the floor to your left. Open it for a medi-pak.

When you get up to the main room, Faith will enter. A little small talk, and
then Ethan steps in. Seems it was his idea to break Faith out. As confused
as she is, Buffy's priority is getting Giles to the hospital.

* e) LEVEL 5 : Downtown Sunnydale *
* SECRETS : 3 *
* EXTRAS : Multiplayer Character Materani *
* Chaos Bleeds Comic Book *

At the hospital, the Scoobies are all there to hear Ethan's story.
Apparently, he challenged the First to some sort of contest that would grant
him the powers of a Lord of Chaos, should he win. Apparently, he picked
Buffy, Faith, Willow, Spike, and Xander as his "champions of combat."
Suddenly, Willow disappears as does everyone else. Before Buffy disappears,
Giles mentions something about Hope's Dagger. As she is taken, Buffy grabs
Ethan. They end up in the Magic Box -- only it's not the Magic Box. It's
the First's version of the store. The rest of the gang is scattered around
Sunnydale. Ethan gives Buffy a retrieval spell to return them to the store.

OBJECTIVE: Find the gang and return them to the Magic Box.

I don't think there is any special order to finding the Scoobs, but this
seems to be the most orderly. Anyway, pick up a stake under a tree to your
left and dust the vamps. Head down the main street and into the theater.

Once inside the lobby, head up the stairs behind the concession stand. Then
go left down the hallway. Go into the back room and you'll find Willow, but
she's behind locked doors. You'll need a keycard to open it, and guess who
has it?

Pick up the turnstile ticket to your left. Head out and go into the room to
the left and pick up a fuse. Now go back downstairs and use your turnstile
ticket to open the turnstile.

Go down the hall and to the right. Open the doors and go in the bathroom.
There's a window you have to bust open to get out. Head to the right and
through the open gate. Then go down into the sewers.

Take the left route first, then make a right. Pick up a spark plug on the
floor. Turn around and go through the door; you'll notice the room is
flooded. Head back up to the city. Go through the gate and you'll notice a
machine next to an open manhole. Use the spark plug and it'll drain the
flooded room. Now head back there again. Climb up both ladders and you'll
end up outside the room where Willow is; she'll drop you the keycard.

Turn around and you'll see a locked fence door. Break the lock with a nice
kick and head on through. Pick up the pitch fork behind you too. Now head
back through the bathroom window and back upstairs to Willow. You'll send
her back to the Magic Box. 1 down, 4 to go. Head back out to main street

Straight ahead, you'll see a big-rig stuck in a building. Inspect the other
side of it to open the back door. Go in the trailer and pick up the medi-pak
in there. Go through the door in here.

In this little alley, dust the vamps and head to the back of the alley and go
through the red door. Pick up the pool cue on the table and turn around to
find Spike.

There's a crate next to the pinball machine. Break it for all sorts of

Now head for the door across the room. Once outside, turn left and you reach
another locked door. Kick to break the lock and go through. Go left.

You'll see a garage. Go to the fuse box and use the fuse you found in the
theater. Then press the red button to open the garage. Inside, you'll see
Xander on the top level, but the stairs are out.

To your left are a bunch of boxes. Head around them, and in the middle of
all of them are some goodies.

Now go up the stairs and use the green controls to bring back some pulley
deal. All you have to do is jump and grab on to it. Sounds easy, huh?
You'll get it eventually. Once on the other side, send Xander back to the
magic shop. Now head back out the main street.

Head toward the big-rig, then turn left. Walk down the street then turn
right into the alley. You'll notice a door, but it's locked. Pull or push
the dumpster toward the door. Hop on the dumpster, then jump onto the fire
escape. Go up the ladder. You'll see a door that hidden. Break down the
boards and go through the door.

In this room, there's another room, but it's too dark to see in there now.
Go into the elevator. The right side is down, the left, up. Not a lot on
the first floor. You can break down the glass windows of the left room;
there's a hellfire soaker in there. Now go back to the elevator and go down.

Down in this vault room, head to the back room and pick up the medi-pak.
There's also a flashlight in there too. Convenient. Go back to the second
level room.

Equip the flashlight. In the center of the room, you'll find the bank vault
code on a table. Go back elevator, and go down two floors. Open the fault
to find Faith. Objective complete.

OBJECTIVE: Return to the Magic Box.

Simple enough. Go up to the first floor and exit through the door. On your
way back to the shop, you'll run into Sid. Buffy mentions Hope's Dagger;
seems Sid knows something about it. Objective complete.

* f) LEVEL 6 : Sunnydale Hospital *
* SECRETS : 1 *
* CHARACTERS: Buffy, Sid *
* EXTRAS : Multiplayer Character Psycho Patient *
* James Marsters V/O *

Back at the shop, the gang discuss Hope's dagger. Apparently, it was forged
from the first ray of light to hit the earth by Cassandra Rayne, an ancestor
of Ethan. It seems that the First could not kill her, as the dagger made her
immortal, but it was able to dismember her and scatter the parts all over the
First's dimension. Sid heard that the eyes are in the Sunnydale hospital
morgue. The gang heads there.

OBJECTIVE: Locate Cassandra's eyes.
OBJECTIVE: Protect Sid from attacks.

In this first room, keep the vamps off of Sid. Use the holy water, or throw
them on the turned over chair. Break the chairs in the back for a stake,
then let Sid lead the way. You'll reach a door that's blocked on the other
side. Buffy will then get Sid up into the vent. Now you get to be the dummy
(but in a good way). Objective complete (protecting Sid).

OBJECTIVE: Clear the blockage to let Buffy through.

Behind you, break the chairs for stakes. Sid isn't very strong, so it'll
take a while to take demons down. He has this running windmill punch which
is very effective. The two doors on the left are unlocked, but it's not
necessary to check them out.

There are two oxygen tanks sitting in front of the fire. Push them into the
flames to open the door and let Buffy through. Objective complete (clear

Now with Buffy, go meet up with Sid. Break down the boards and go through
the door. Outside, you'll part ways with Sid.

Pick up a shovel near the entrance to the other building, and some stakes if
you need them. The doors to the building are locked. Turn around and you'll
see a ladder. Get on the roof. Pick up the cross bow if you want. Then
stomp on the glass windows or shoot them and go in.

Vamps will drop in from above. Dispose of them or run. In the main hallway,
a security guard vamp will drop a key card when you dust him. Go down the
hall and use the key card to open the elevator. Go up.

Now go through the first door on the left. All the others are locked. Go
through the door in the back. A little cut scene will show you the way.
Behind you, jump up and grab on the wall. Head left and make sure you go
far enough so you don't end up back on the first floor. Walk to the open
window and jump in.

Go down the hall and open the double doors. You'll need to use the palm
scanner to open the door. But first you'll need a palm. Go into the room on
the right. There's a water soaker to pick up. Go to the screen and raise it
up. In the next room is a dead guy; take his hand. Go back to the double
doors and use the hand to open it. To the left, go through the door. The
next one is the fire exit, but you need to set off the alarm to open it.

Go back into the main hall and head toward where you entered. In the back
near the double doors is a fire alarm. Kick it. Now go back and head
through the door.

Out here, jump on the box deal and up to the next level. Try not to get
thrown off.

Drop down to the level in between the two buildings. Don't worry, there's a
ladder down there. To the left are two crate, and the ladder is on your

There's a door right when you get up to the top; it's hidden in the shadows.
Go in. In the next room, go left and you'll see that the elevator is broken.
Break the cables for a ride down. You'll meet up with Sid for another body
guard mission.

Follow Sid until you can't go any further. Buffy will throw him up to the
vent and you'll control him again.

OBJECTIVE: Reach the other side of the laundry room door and let Buffy

At the end of the hall, you'll see the door is block off by a bunch of junk.
There's a room on the right you can enter. Jump out the open window and turn
right to another open room. There's a hammer in there. Pick it up. Go
through the door and back into the main hall. Use the hammer to break down
the boards on the door on the left. There's a gas canister in there. Use it
near the fire to burn down the obstruction. Press R2 and Square to use it as
a flame thrower. Go down the hallway and to the back door to let Buffy
through. Sid says he found a shortcut, so he goes thataway, and you go

Use the palm on the palm scanner to get through the door. Go down the stairs
and through the double doors. In the next room, go through another set of
double doors and into the morgue.

While Sid searches through the files, kill all the zombies and make sure Sid
stays alive. Eventually, he'll point out the eyes on a shelf. Pick them up
the complete the objective. Then follow Sid into the next room.

The rest of the gang is there. Willow tries to see if she can feel any power
from it, but nada. She hands them over to Ethan, and something comes over
him -- he freezes. The First makes an appearance, giving a stern warning to
the Scoobs. Apparently, the contest is on. The five jump into the portal,
and Sid and Ethan are left in the hospital.

* g) LEVEL 7 : High School *
* SECRETS : 2 *
* CHARACTERS: Xander *
* EXTRAS : Multiplayer Character S&M Slave *
* Anthony Head V/O *

Ah, good ol' Sunnydale High. It seems the contest has begun.

OBJECTIVE: Retrieve Cassandra's arm from the high school.

Seems Xander is on his own this time. Outside the campus, beat up some
zombies and some vamps (it seems like almost all the vamps here are female.
Weird.) Anyway, pick up some stakes around here and the shovel in the top
left corner. On the right side, break down the boards to get through the
window. Also, remember that there's a pentagram out here. Now go inside.

Inside this room, pick up the flashlight and have a look-see. There's also a
"cryptic message" -- "the secret to the demon is hidden in the darkness."
You'll fight some bakemono in here. Don't use the shovel, as it takes
forever to swing the thing at them. Just stomp on them or punch them
unarmed. Now head out the door and into the hallway.

Go across the hall and into Snyder's old office. Pick up the dictaphone on
the desk and the medi-pak in the corner. You'll notice a safe on the right
wall next to the bookshelf, but it's lock. Go out back to the hallway.

Down the hall, you'll notice a door blocked by vines and another to the left.
On the left wall at the corner, there's an intercom. Someone will tell you
that you need a password to get by the hall monitor (the scary plant things).
On the right is a computer room. Remember that. Now go upstairs.

OBJECTIVE: Find the password to pass the hall monitor.

Once upstairs, head right. The last door on the right is open, but it's
pitch black in there. Go through the double doors. The first door on the
left goes into the computer lab. There's a medi-pak in here and another
computer you'll be able to use later. Go back to the hallway.

Go down the hall and turn left. On the right side, there's an open door; go
in the room to pick up the UV flashlight. If you drop down the hole, there's
a medi-pak and two hellfires. Go back out down the hall and make a left.

There's a blue locker with a medi-pak in it.

Now head back to the first room you entered when you got upstairs (the
completely dark room). Use the UV flashlight and you'll see the password on
the chalkboard. Now go back downstairs to the intercom, but of course,
Xander can't say the damn password. Head to the computer room across from
it. Go to the working computer, and you'll use the dictaphone to record the
password. Go back to the intercom and you'll gain access through those two
doors. Objective complete.

The doors behind you are locked from the other side, so go for the doors on
the left. In the next room, you'll notice a force-field blocking the way.

OBJECTIVE: Find a way to remove the force-field and gain access to the gym.

Turn around and go into the costume room on the right. You'll find a magic
hat. The goal is to pull out bunnies (Anyanka's weakness) and have them sit
on the five pentagrams spread around the campus. The first one in is in the
same room you're in. Objective complete.

OBJECTIVE: Place rabbits on the five pentagrams to deprive Anyanka of her
magical energy and gain access to the gym.

Now go out the hall and through the double doors. In the next room, a
werewolf will pop out through the doors that were locked. Kill it, and now
you can go through those doors.

In the next hall, go left and into the first room. On the first desk you
see, there's a computer disk. In the back of the room is a Murgoth weapon.
No ammo, but you see a formula on the chalkboard -- yellow + green = blue.
In the opposite side of the room is the yellow liquid.

Go back out into the hall, then go through the double door into the library.
You'll notice another pentagram behind the book cage, but it's locked.
Behind the counter is a room with a few supplies to pick up.

Now find your way back, and go back upstairs to the computer lab. Use the
disk to get Snyder's safe code. Go back to his office, open the safe, and
get the key to the book cage. Now head back to the library and work your
bunny magic. NOTE: If you remembered the pentagram outside, you can't quite
use a bunny there yet.

Now exit the library and head straight through the double doors. Turn left
here to get the force-field, but for now, turn right and head outside.

First go straight to another set of double doors. Inside, go through the
first door on the right. Go straight again through the door. In this room,
pick up fumigation bombs on the desk in the back. Now head back out and go
down into the basement on the right.

Head left to the back of the room and you'll notice a pentagram. If you try
and use a bunny, it will run into a little hole in the wall. There's a valve
on the right that will turn on steam to block the opening. Now use your
bunny. No go back up and outside.

In the main quad, you'll see a fountain with green liquid. Mix it with the
yellow, and you'll have ammo for the Murgoth gun. Use the gun to stock up on
ammo. The two sets of double doors out here are locked, so don't waste your

Now head up the stairs and you'll see double doors block by a Murgoth demon
(the scary plant thing). Use the gun the kill it. Go through the doors and
in this room, go into the English room. Here's the fourth pentagram. Now go
back outside and across the way is another set of double doors that leads to
the upper level of the main campus.

Head downstairs and outside to the final pentagram. If you try and use a
bunny, a bakemono will come out and eat it. Use a fumigation bomb on the
hole and kill the little imp when it runs out. Then use a bunny. Objective

Now head back to the to where the force-field was and you can enter the gym.
Here, you'll face your first boss battle against Anyanka.

There are five pentagrams here as well. You can't hit her when she's in the
air, so place bunnies on the pentagrams. She'll lose her magic and you can
beat her up on the ground (a hellfire works nicely). Two bakemono, one on
each side, will come out each time to eat your bunnies. Kill them and
replace any bunnies they got. Be careful of her projectile attacks when
she's flying around. Repeat until you kill Anyanka. Objective complete.

* h) LEVEL 8 : Old Quarry *
* SECRETS : 3 *
* EXTRAS : Multiplayer Character Faith *
* Multiplayer Map Initiative Hanger *
* Amber Benson V/O *

Faith arrives at some random place with an old quarry house in view.
Kakistos makes himself known, but of course, runs and hides for now.

OBJECTIVE: Retrieve Cassandra's leg from the quarry.

Pick up some stakes behind you or behind the truck. The shack in front of
you is where you want to go, but it's locked right now. Kill all the demons
that come after you, and soon, a vamp will come out of the shack, unlocking
the door. Don't fall off the cliff or it's game over.

Next to the gate where you started is another little shack. Open the door to
get a medi-pak.

Next to the truck is an opening with rocks blocking the way. Behind the
rocks, pick up a medi-pak.
There are a bunch of medi-paks in this level, and for good reason.

Now head to the shack. Behind it are some goodies you can pick up. Go
inside the front door and move the bookcase. Break down the wall and you'll
head down a tunnel.

Head down the tunnel. To the left is a dead end that you'll return to later.
For now, turn right. There's a door on the left side. Inside this room,
pick up some dynamite in a box on the floor. Now go back to the tunnel and
continue down the path. You'll see an elevator, but it's out of order. To
the left, there are two barrels that can be released by the switch. Push
both of them under the elevator. Now head back to the dead end and inspect
it. Faith will use the dynamite to blow up the wall, allowing a flood of
water to pass through and ultimately raise the elevator.

On the next level, head straight down the tunnel and through the door on the
left. Pick up more dynamite in here. Head back out and go straight (or turn
right at the T) and in the door on the left.

Go down the stairs. On the next level, you'll notice a door with water
leaking out of it. You can't go in there just yet because it's flooded. Go
down one more level. Inside the room, inspect the support in the middle and
Faith will use the dynamite to blow it up, allowing the water from the room
above to drain. Now go back upstairs and into the room.

Go out the door, turn right and head outside. Cross the bridge and go
through the door. Go down the tunnel. Take the right path and you'll come
to a locked door. You'll need some kind of emblem to open it. Turn around
and turn left to go through the double doors.

In this room, head left and up the stairs. Follow the tunnel all the way
down and turn right. You'll see a cart; on the right side of it is a switch
to release it. There is a set of steps you can go up. Pick up a medi-pak at
the very top. Now head back to the main room.

Go to the coal chamber and turn the handle to fill it with coal. Get one of
the torches and throw it in. Now go to the cart and turn it over. At the
lower level, you'll see two blocks of who knows what; the second contains
the emblem you need to open the door. Go back to that door and open it. You
completed an objective that wasn't in your objective book. How sweet.

OBJECTIVE: Locate and defeat Kakistos.

Head up the stairs and you reach a ladder. Climb up and you end up inside
the quarry house. Head out of the room and into the main hallway.

Under the stairs is a medi-pak.

Go down the hallway and take the right path. Go through the door at the end
of the hall. You'll see that the floorboards are weak, but you need more
weight to break them. Head upstairs.

Go inside the back room. In the room, there's a woman. You don't really
have to save her as there's it won't be game over if she dies. But if you do
save her, she'll give up 2 holy waters. On the desk, pick up a lighter. Go
back downstairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, go into to the room on the left. Use the
lighter to start a fire in the fireplace. Go back to the upstairs room.
You'll notice smoke leaking out of the mantle. Inspect it to open a secret
door. Walk through the attic and into another room. Behind a bookcase is a
wrench. Pick up then use it in the middle of the room to remove a screw. A
chandelier will fall and break through the floor below. Go down to that

Go down the hole and head down the only path there is. Pick up the medi-paks
if you can, you will need them. In the next room, you'll see Kakistos. Get
ready for a fight.

The opening behind you closes, so you better have picked up those medi-paks.
There are three orbs like the one in the cemetery. If you attack Kakistos,
they will revive him, so kill off his spells first. Keep on the move and
focus on hitting the orbs when you can. Beware of the hellfires Kakistos
throws. Once you get rid of the orbs, Kakistos is no problem. Beat him up
good, then dust him. Objective complete.

* i) LEVEL 9 : The Initiative *
* SECRETS : 4 *
* EXTRAS : Multiplayer Character Kakistos *
* Multiplayer Character Zombie Soldier *
* Nicholas Brendon V/O *

Spike finds himself falling until he finally lands in an elevator. Just his
luck, he ended up in his most favorite place: The Initiative.

OBJECTIVE: Retrieve Cassandra's leg from the Initiative Base.

Head out of the elevator and then through the doors into the next room.
You'll fight some walking dead; just beat them up till they die. Sometimes,
they might carry a bomb which they'll either throw or drop when they die.
Watch out for that.

On the left side, there's a stack of boxes and barrels. Get up to the top,
and then left behind the fence. Pick up the hellfire ammo.

On the right side, get up to the top of the stack of boxes. Jump up to grab
on to the ledge. Head left until you're in the fenced area. Pick up the
hellfire soaker.

Now head through the door in the back. Go down the stairs, and you'll see
some demons come out the door on the right. After you kill them, go into
that room. Use the computer in there to unlock the big door. There are also
medi-paks in the blue lockers on both sides of the room. Now go through the
big doors.

In this next room, you'll encounter some weird monsters that will be pains in
your behind. Stake them to kill them, then go through the doors on the left.
There's another set of doors all the way down the hall, but you'll have to
find a way to unlock them first.

Go down the next hallway. You'll watch a cut scene where Spike sets off an
alarm by walking through a laser. Remember, if you set off the alarm, the
cyborgs will get you.

OBJECTIVE: Avoid combat with the cyborg soldiers until a weakness is found.

If you fight any cyborgs, it's game over. So go into the next room. You'll
see that the room is pretty much covered with lasers, so you'll have to jump
over them. To the right is an air tank. Punch it to release smoke so you
can see the lasers. You don't really have to do this, but it helps out a
lot. Now head for the door on the right. Use the computer to unlock the
doors I mentioned earlier. Head back there, and remember not to set off any
alarms on the way out.

In the next part, go all the way down the stairs; all the doors are locked
right now. Go through the door at the bottom and you'll end up in the
hangar. To the left, is a jeep -- remember that. Head for the door straight

Go right when you get to the next room. In this little area, there are
lockers to the right; bust them open for a medi-pak. No go through the open
fence door and head up the stairs. You'll be on the upper part of the
hanger. Head to the door in the back (it doesn't matter if you go left or
right). Go down the hallway to the door.

In this room, go left into the next room. Use the computer on the table.
You'll discover the cyborgs weakness and how to permanently shut them down.
Objective complete (avoiding cyborgs). Go back out to the main room. Use
the computer on the upper level to shut down the security system. Now head
back to the hangar; just jump down to get to the lower level. Head out the
door you entered through.

OBJECTIVE: Deactivate the cyborgs using the mainframe computer.

Go up the stairs and hit the first room on the left. Pick up the EMP
grenades in the back. They'll stun the cyborgs when you fight them (as far
as I know, you can't kill them). Now go back out and up the stairs. At the
top, go through the door on the right. You'll notice that there is a
security machine gun with motion sensors. Use and EMP grenade to shut it
down. Pick up all the items in here, especially the ammo clip in the back
left. Go back to the hangar.

Go behind the jeep and you'll now be able to use the gun, thanks to the ammo
clip. Shoot using the Square button. Have some fun shooting vamps and
walking dead. Shoot the gas tank to the left in the back of the room. It'll
open a new passage.

Go through this tunnel.

At the end and to the left, there's another gas tank. On top is more
hellfire ammo.

Go through the door on the right. Follow the stairs into an elevator. I
believe you head upward. When you reach the top, open the door. There's a
cyborg in the next room. Use an EMP grenade to stun him. If you try and
open the door in the back, you'll see that Spike fails the eye scan test. In
the cell just to the right of the door, there's a head. Pick it up and use
it to open the door.

Go down the hall and through the next door. You'll be in the main Initiative
room, much like in the TV show. Go through the door by the stairs. You can
pick up the medi-pak under the stairs, or save it for the boss battle that's
coming up. In this hall, go up the ladder. Here's the secret room of the
Initiative, also straight from the TV show. Go down, and you'll wake up the
cyborgs. In the back is the great mainframe computer, which looks like the
other computers you've been using. Use it to shut down the cyborgs.
Objective complete.

Now head back out to the main room. You'll see Adam, big surprise. Get
ready for a fight.

You can't hurt Adam with physical attacks. Every so often, he'll run to a
wall and grab a barrel. While he's holding it over his head, throw an EMP
grenade DIRECTLY AT HIM. He'll be stunned and he'll drop the barrel on
himself, causing damage. There are EMP grenades in this room, so you don't
have to worry about running out. Only three of the four walls have barrels
so try and stay in those areas. Walking dead will also appear; kill them for
health if you need it. Watch out for Adam's machine gun attack and missile
attack. Keep on the run, but always check where Adam is. 5 hits should kill
him. Objective complete.

* j) LEVEL 10 : Sunnydale Mall *
* SECRETS : 3 *
* CHARACTERS: Willow *
* EXTRAS : Multiplayer Character Chainz *
* Multiplayer Character Abominator *
* Robin Sachs V/O *

OBJECTIVE: Retrieve Cassandra's arm from Sunnydale Mall.

Willow's on her own in the mall. You start out on the first floor. Dust the
vamps with magic, then hunt around for stakes. To your right, you'll see a
food cart. Pick up the cooking oil. Now head right and you'll see a sporting
goods store behind the escalator. Break down the boards and enter the store.
Willow's pretty buff, huh? You'll learn the Possession spell (X Square
Square). Try it out.

Pick up the medi-pak on the counter on the right. In the back left corner,
there are a couple of fitting rooms. Pick up the holy water on the rack and
the baseball bat in the first one.

In the other one, break the crates to get by. Pick up the hellfires and the

Now head right and through the door. Go through another set of doors. Pick up
the hellfires in here, then head right through the door. Get the medi-pak on
the counter, then jump over the counter. There's a caged area, but it's
locked. You'll notice gas leaking out of some canisters. Use a fireball to
create an opening. Go through the new passage and into the hallway.

There's a locked door on the left that says "Component Store." Remember this

On the right against the wall is a treasure chest. Open it for a medi-pak.

Pick up all the items in here then head down the hallway and through the door.
You end up in a PC store. Pick up the shutter key on the counter. Head
outside. You'll learn the Sonic Blast spell (X X X). Have some fun with it.
You can use the shutter key on the door to the right, a great short cut. Head
upstairs for now.

Up here, go to the right side, which will turn into the left side. Head into
the bookstore. In here, pick up the credit card on the counter. Head to the
back of the store and you'll see a vamp bust through the ceiling. Dust him,
then push or pull the rolling ladder under the opening. It doesn't stop
automatically, so you'll have to eye it. Have Willow show you how not to use a
ladder and head up the opening.

Go straight and you'll see some wound up cable. Use the cooking oil here and
you'll get the elevator working again. Go back into the bookstore.

Push or pull the ladder to the left under another opening in the ceiling. Pick
up some goodies behind the crates.

Now head out of the bookstore. Head left and use the shutter key at the door.
You'll be on the second floor. Go to the elevator on the right and press the
button to bring it up. Check the dead guy inside and pick up a broken key.

Go right or counter-clockwise around the circle. Go through the first door.
You'll be in the security room. Pick up the dictaphone in here. If you try to
use the computer, Willow finds out she needs a modem to shut down the security.
Pick up the items in here then head back outside.

Head straight, and go to the key shop. Behind the counter, inspect the key
case on the right wall. You'll pick up a key to A-52, the bank. First, go
downstairs. To the right of the escalator is an ATM. Get money from it using
the credit card you picked up. Now head back to the area where the bookstore
is. On the opposite side is the bank. First, check the door to the left of
it. You'll talk to a vamp. He has info but it doesn't come cheap. The money
you have now isn't enough, so you'll need to get more.

Now head inside the bank. If you try and enter, you'll set off the metal
detectors. Before you pass through the detectors, there's a little bin where
you can place your dictaphone. Now you can pass through safely. Once inside,
pick up the dictaphone and jump over the counter.

Pick up the medi-pak on the cart, then head through the passage and through the
door. On the right, you'll see the vault, but it's locked right now. Go
through the other door. Save the girl, and she'll give you some hellfire.
Press the button next to her, I'm not sure what it does. Use the computer
behind the desk. Willow will use the dictaphone to open the vault. Go there
and pick up the cash inside.

Go back to the vamp outside the bank and talk to him. You'll give him the
money and he'll give you a key that will open the Component Store door in the
PC store. Remember where that is?

Go downstairs and into the PC store. Head to the back room and open the
Component Store. Pick up the modem in there. Now go back upstairs to the
security room. Use the computer to shut down security. Go back outside and go
to the door under the Sunnydale Mall sign.

In here, you'll encounter Evil Vamp Tara. Pretty scary. She's on the other
side of this room, which you can't reach. If you try the Homing Missile or
Fireball, she'll dispel your magic. Instead, hide behind a pillar to block her
fireballs. Show yourself and she'll send over a vampire. Use the possession
spell to send it back to attack her. She'll either repossess it and send it
back to you or she'll kill it. Repeat this process until she's dead. If you
stay behind the pillar and if you're quick with the spell, you shouldn't need
to kill any vamps for health. Plus, you'll only have to handle one vamp at a
time, which will give you enough time to replenish your energy. Objective

* k) LEVEL 11 : Sunnydale Zoo *
* SECRETS : 3 *
* EXTRAS : Multiplayer Character Zombie Gorilla *
* Joss Whedon V/O *

Buffy finds herself in the not-so-local zoo. As soon as she sees evil penguins
eating a zebra, she knows she's not in Kansas anymore.

OBJECTIVE: Retrieve Cassandra's torso from the zoo.

Pick up some stake by the broken bench on right and dust the vamps. Two more
will come out, unlocking the door to the Reptile area, but don't go in there
just yet. Dust those vamps.

To the left of the Reptile door and the right of the stairs is a small planter
area. In the corner behind the bush, pick up the hellfire and holy water.

Pick up the shovel to the left of the stairs and go up the small set of stairs
and into the door. In here, go through the door on the right. You'll see a
vamp hiding behind a force field. Great. Turn around and pick up the medi-pak
on your way out. Go through the only other open door on the right, opposite
the door you entered.

OBJECTIVE: Find a way to pass the mage and gain access to the torso.

In this next part, there's a caged area, but you can't get in just yet. Dust
the vamps here, and you'll see two more come out from a door. Dust them, then
go through that same door. Walk down the tunnel and through the doors.

Here, save the girl for some holy water. Take the left path and you'll come to
some windows. Smash them, then enter the caged area. Don't touch the electric
fence. Use the platforms that circle the tree to get to the top. Jump across
to the other platform and pick up the items and the key. You'll notice another
platform, but you can't reach it because of the fence. Head back out and go
back to the starting area.

Now go through the Reptile doors. Go through this tunnel and through the other
set of doors.

In this next area, in the left corner, pick up the items behind the bush.

The girl will give you some holy water. Head up the steps and into the Reptile
exhibit. There are some mean monkeys in here. Kill them then head right.
Look at the exhibit in the middle (with 4 windows). You'll see a faint
rectangle outline. Bust through the windows and enter the zookeeper's entrance.

Pick up the shovel and medi-pak in here, then head outside through the window.
More monkeys out here. Head right then go straight past the car, pick up the
medi-pak too. At the end, go through the gate on the right. Bust open the
locker and shut off the power. Now head back toward the car.

Open the garage behind it by pressing the button. Enter then go into the next
room. Climb the ladder against the wall. Once up to the top, head left toward
the door. You'll send that one down and open the other. Go into the next room
and pick up 1 of 3 relics. Head out the door then enter the one right across
from you.

In this room, press the button to open the gate. It won't go up right away, so
jump up and grab hold. It will raise you up too. There's a shovel on the
other side, if you want to pick that up first. Head right, then go down.
There's holy water ammo behind you in the room. Head down the ladder. You can
open the garage if you want, but there's nothing to do there.

Head straight down this tunnel and up the ladder. You'll end up in the caged
area that you saw earlier. Push the haystack toward the gate on the left.
Bust through the window and flip the switch. The haystack will hold the gate
open so you can get through. On the other side, bust through another window
and pick up the tranquilizer gun. Head out toward the left. Kick the door to
break the lock and go through. Now head back to the cage with the electric

Go inside and head to the top again. Jump across to the other platform. Now
you can jump up and grab hold of the top of the cage. Head right and drop down
to the platform to pick up the 2nd relic. Head back to the starting area.

On the right side (opposite the Reptile door), go through the door to the cafe.
Down here, you'll notice a monkey on the roof holding the 3rd relic. Use the
tranquilizer gun to shoot it down. Pick up the relic and the medi-pak on the
counter. Go back to the starting area.

In front of the stairs is a statue. Place all three relics there and you'll
gain invisibility. Yay! Now go back to the force field and pass through.
Pick up the shield in the middle of the room. Objective complete.

Head back outside toward the starting area. To the right of the stairs (facing
downstairs), go through the door. In the next area, go down the stairs and
enter the aquarium. Head down the tunnel, killing some monkeys along the way.
At the end, there's a mage. He'll fire some orb at you which will send you
back to the entrance of the aquarium if you're hit. Equip the shield and guard
to block his magic. Kill him then get ready for battle.

Look, it's alternate reality evil Giles, I mean, Ripper. This isn't a hard
battle. First, he'll send a monkey after you. Keep the monkey between you and
Giles so that the fireballs will kill it. Then he'll clone himself. He's the
one in the middle. Hit him, then he'll run away. Follow him and attack him
when you can. Sometimes he'll teleport, but just keep an eye on him. He'll go
down eventually. Objective complete.

* l) LEVEL 12 : The First's Lair *
* SECRETS : 3 *
* EXTRAS : Multiplayer Character Chris (Mutant Enemy) *
* Multiplayer Character Joss Whedon *
* Outtakes *

Buffy and the gang are teleported back to the hospital, body parts in hand.
Seems Sid had to fend off some demons. Anyway, with very little fanfare, they
put the body together, and magically, Cassandra comes back to life. Suddenly,
they find themselves in front of the First's lair. Ethan and Cassandra are
equally repulsed by each other's badness and goodness, respectively. Spike
knocks out Ethan on Cassandra's behalf. Ethan then disappears; seems the First
has something up its sleeve. Cassandra decides that Buffy should be the one to
enter the fortress to find Hope's Dagger and defeat the First!

OBJECTIVE: Find Hope's Dagger.

First, take care of the demons here. Break the crates for stakes or pick up
the pitchfork in the little corral area on the left. Next, go to the catapult.
Use it to launch the boulder through the door. Don't go in that direction
just yet. Instead, go to the big platform deal and push to the right. Jump on
top, then jump across onto the next level. Go right and down the walkway and
into the door on the left side.

In here, go left and follow the hall all the way down to the double doors.
Enter this room. Pick up the glass jars in the center of the room. For the
life of me, I don't know what they do. Pick up the battle-axe on the right.
Now, in the back of the room, there's a knight holding a torch. Grab the torch
and a secret room will open. Go inside and pick up a 3rd glass jar, a
medi-pak, and the key mold on the left. Head back out, and return the torch.
Now go back to the starting area.

Go to the door you busted open earlier. To get up there, jump up and grab on
to the ledge. Follow the hallway. On the right of the second section is the
locked chapel door. I bet the key mold makes the right key. Go all the way
down and out the door that a vamp enters.

You should be outside now. On the right is a door that leads to a mill.
You'll be coming back here later. Also on the right is a cannon that you'll
also use later. You need charcoal and sulfur. On the left, push the cart
that's blocking the door. Go in this room and pick up the charcoal dust in the
back right corner. Now put your key mold on the fire thing. On the right, use
the handle to turn over the bucket and make a skeleton key. Pick it up and
head back to the chapel door.

In the chapel, pick up the candlestick holder on the altar. On the left wall,
you can pick up holy water or make Gorgon stakes if you want. Now go through
the door on the right. Out here, pick up the pitchfork on the right, then
follow the path. Pick up the crossbow at the end. You'll notice a drawbridge
that's not drawn for you. With the crossbow shoot the brown part of the wall
on the right. Cross the bridge and go through the two sets of doors.

In this next outdoor section, jump down the well. Pick up some goodies down
here. Also, get the sundial hand by the door.

Go through the door and follow the hall down to another door. Follow the
stairs all the way up, then go out the door on the right. You're back at the
well area. Straight ahead, there's a stack of crates. Use it to get up to the
upper level. Go left and through the door. Pick up a 2nd candlestick holder
on the left, then go through the other door.

You're back to another outdoor area. Remember how to get to this area. Jump
down, and place the sundial hand on the sundial in the center.

Then check the sundial again to open a door behind. Go into the room and pick
up all the goodies. Head back out.

Go through the door to the left of the door you went through for the last
secret. Head downstairs and go through the first door you see. Go up these
stairs, then go right. Open the door, and pick up the goodies in this room.
Head back out.

Go through the door that's left of the red double doors. In here, pull out
three of the square things on the wall. Get on the wooden circle and step on
the center. You'll go down. Head through the door.

Go through the double doors on the right. Here, cross the bridge, making sure
not to fall off. The left beam leaves adequate room for crossing. On the
other side on the right is a medi-pak. Go through the door on the left. Pick
up the sulfur in the back right corner. Now head back to the elevator and go
back up.

Back in the sundial area, use the stack of crates on the right to get to the
door up top. Go through the next door back to the well area. Jump down, then
go up the stairs and through the door. Open the next door and you're back at
the drawbridge. Go left and through the door at the end. You're back in the
chapel; now exit the chapel and go left to get to the cannon area.

You have charcoal and sulfur, but you need to grind the sulfur. Go into the
room on the right. Downstairs, place the sulfur on the grindstone. Pull the
handle in the left corner to grind down the sulfur. Pick up the sulfur and
you'll have gunpowder. Head back to the cannon to break open a door. Go there.

Follow the hall down to another door. Go to the lower level and you'll see one
candlestick holder in place on the left wall. Put the two that you have in the
other two opening. They all act as switches, so pull them, starting from left
to right. You'll open a door.

Pick up the medi-pak in the back right corner in the next room. Go through the
door in the back. Follow the hall down to another room. In here, pick up the
mighty Hope's Dagger in the back. Objective complete.

OBJECTIVE: Use Hope's Dagger to defeat the First.

It's more of a sword, but the name is nice. It also acts as a cool flashlight.
Now find your way back to the sundial area. If you forgot, I'll help. Follow
all the doors straight out to the cannon area. Head up the stairs through the
door, then go back to the chapel, then exit. Cross the drawbridge. Back at
the well area, get up to the door on the right side.

Back at the sundial area, go to the double doors with the torch over it. On
the left is a circle things. Check it, and you'll use Hope's Dagger to open
the door. Head down the hall, and through two sets of double doors. This is
it, the First.

The First seems to take the form of Ethan. You'll see 3 pentagrams with 3
bringers praying on them. Ethan is standing in the back, surrounded by some
force field. Beat up the bringers to interrupt their ritual; you can kill them
if want, but I suggest keeping at least one alive. When they're off the
pentagrams, Ethan is vulnerable to attack. He'll attack with some magic that
spans the whole room; you can jump over it if you're quick. Run up and hit
him, and Hope's Dagger will be knocked out of your hands. Go pick it up, and
go after the bringers again to make Ethan vulnerable. Keep repeating this
process until he's dead. Now pat yourself on the back. You just conquered

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